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Education Round Rock ---- AFT/NEA

ONLY NEA/AFT offers you a teacher-directed professional development program to improve your performance in the classroom. (Don't join another---Ask us why).

ONLY NEA/AFT has national, state, and local affiliate organizations lobbying federal, state, and local laws, policies, and procedures of concern to you. (Don't join another---Ask us why).

ONLY NEA/AFT will have a local office and local staff to be on your side and available when you need help. (Don't join another---Ask us why).

ONLY NEA/AFT elects its key decision-makers and encourages all members to get active on issues of concern to them. (Don't join another---Ask us why).

ONLY NEA/AFT has been active at all levels to provide professional salaries, paid insurance, a three year appraisal cycle, full workdays in the week prior to students returning. limits on runaway testing programs, paperwork reduction, uninterrupted planning and preparation periods, passage of the federal Social Security Fairness Act and many other issues. (Don't join another---Ask us why). 

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